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Bishops’ Canonical Visitation to Segerea Seminary

It is the custom of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference to visit the major seminaries each year, and it is done by representatives from among the Bishops themselves. In this Academic year, Segerea Seminary has been blessed to receive two Bishops: Rt. Rev. Liberatus T.K. Sangu of the Catholic Diocese of Shinyanga and Rt. Rev. Eusebius Nzingilwa of Mpanda Catholic Diocese. The two Bishops arrived in the seminary on June 14, 2021 around 10:00 A.M. They were welcomed by the Seminary Community and thereafter began their pastoral visitation by meeting and sharing with different groups of the seminary family members.

On 15th June, 2021; the morning Mass was presided by Bishop Liberatus T.K. Sangu and in his homily, he urged the family of Segerea Seminary to be generous to each other. His main emphasis was on fraternal love. With love, we can be able to identify the needs of our neighbours and treat them as we ourselves desire to be treated, for they are created in God’s image (Gen 1:26). And it is through love that God sent His Son to redeem the world (Jn 3:16). He concluded his homily by inviting everyone in the community to be led by love so that peace may flourish in the community through generous deeds of the members.

Moreover, on this very day, the Bishops had an occasion to meet with staff members, nuns and other seminary workers. Similarly, they visited the seminary’s dormitories and the environment in general and in this way observed the other activities going on here in the seminary.

On 16th June, 2021; Bishop Eusebius Nzigilwa presided Mass and in his homily called the Family of Segerea Seminary always to be led by Right intention, attitude and reason in their daily endeavors. He posed a question, what is the motive of our doings in life? In this, he said that our motives should not be like those of the Pharisees and the Scribes whose main interest was to satisfy their own selfish desires and win the attention of the general public. For our motives to be regarded as good, we need to focus our attention on God in whatever we do, for He sees even what is in secret (Mt 6:1-6, 16-18). Always we should learn to be charitable and do it in the right way and not for show off.

On the same day the Bishops met with the seminarians and they had a talk with them. In that conference the Bishops exhorted Seminarians to remain firm in the formation and directives which are given by the formators. Nothing should intimidate them nor frustrate them as they follow Christ while receiving formation. Moreover, the Bishops also encouraged the seminarians to be men of prayers, study and service. On the same day, that is 16th June 2021, after their visit, the two Bishops left for further apostolate in other places.

(Reported by Frt. Emmanuel Kimambo)