There are four societies of PMS:

1. The Society of the Propagation of Faith, (Pontificum Opus a Propagatione Fide- POPF)

There are two charisms of this Society:

(i) Prayer for the evangelization of the World

(ii) Charity for the evangelization of the world in mission territories.

 Members of this Society are all baptized Christians

The Charisms are being promoted through encouragement of:

  • Prayers of every Christian for spread of the Gospel and work of evangelization in places  most in need of the Gospel.
  • Individual prayer, small group prayer, prayer during the Liturgy in the Church, prayer in the family home, adoration of the Eucharist, devotion to the Sacred Heart, Way of the Cross, Living Rosary
  • Making collection for the support of evangelization and giving report to the donors (This was usually done by Pauline Marie Jaricot)
  • Church is missionary by nature and that our charism is to assist this movement outwards, beyond one’s own town, city and country, to the ends of the earth.
  • Build a network, an extended network and extended family working together. Everyone participates in every subsidy because everyone is praying and everyone is contributing to the solidarity fund annually.

Means used to reach people:

  • Writing, articles
  • Use of Mass media, Radio, TV, calendars, booklet, Posters, brochures, website, Instagram, Facebook and twitter
  • Seminars
  • Use of meetings

2. The society of the Holy Childhood, (Pontificium Opus a Sancta infantia-POSI)

 Members of this Society are children from 1 -14 years and from 15 years they become their animators.

 The charisms of this Society are;

(i) Prayer: this is the first step to become a missionary. Through prayers, children have heart, hands and eyes open to the needs of others, even if they are far away. The children of the Missionary Childhood pray every day for the other children and for the spread of the Gospel message. This is the reason why Charles Augustine de Forbin Jason asked the children to pray one Hail Mary every day and save and offer one penny every month. In this way their prayers and sacrifices realize a contest of universal brotherhood.

(ii) Journey of faith: bringing mission to the heart of children and enabling them to discover the joy of serving their brothers and sisters.

The Holy Childhood could create an exceptional reciprocity among the children of every country without distinction.

(iii) Dedication or consecration to Jesus: Bishop de Forbin-Janson, the founder of the society chose the name considering the Holy Childhood of the Son of God. The founder started an important consideration on the Incarnation of Jesus: “The birth of Jesus, son of God and son of man, seemed to consecrate already the first stage of life, making infancy loveable, illumined by the sweet reflection of His own glory and soon a new language of teachings and examples would eliminate any doubt about the formal desire to give back to the children the rights denied them, and even to add some privileges”. According to this, he placed the association under the protection of the Child Jesus, enlightening his first 12 years of life. We could rediscover the little way of Saint Therese and doing small things with great love to answer God’s call to holiness. Littleness is a spiritual category employed in the spread of the Kingdom of God.

(iv) Charity toward others: today the motto of HC has been enriched: children pray for the children, children evangelized by children, children helping children.

3. The Society of St. Peter the Apostle, (Pontificium Opus a Sancta Pietro Apostolo, -POSPA)

Members of this Society are all baptized Christians

The charisms are:

(i) Prayer; the faithful are invited to pray for priestly and religious vocations

(ii) Nurturing priestly formation and ongoing formation of priests and religious

(iii) Charity of supporting formation to mission countries (in their cultures)

(iv) Teaching Religious in schools for forming young people for various vocation

4. The Society of the Pontifical Missionary Union (Pontificia Unione Missionaria- PUM)

The charism

  1. Missionary animation or Promotion Mission of other Societies/ the soul of the other 3 Societies (POPF, POSI AND POSPA). Its motto is “all are missionaries”

This charism is coordinated through:

  • Coordinate missionary activities
  • promotion of missionary work and the spread of the Gospel

Members are seminarians, priests and religious/ lay faithful.

The PMU Strives;

  1. To promote missionary consciousness among seminarians, priests and religious.
  2. To animate all animators of the People of God for the Mission (RM 84) by spreading and promoting the other PMS.
  3. To foster Christian unity so that “they may be so perfected in unity that the world will recognize that it was you who sent me…” (Jn 17:23).
  4. To put all the Church “in a state of mission”.


  1. Meditate on Sacred Scripture in order to understand God’s universal plan of salvation and the missionary nature of his Church.
  2. Read and study the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the Popes’ missionary Encyclicals.
  3. See one’s own history and the history of one’s Church in a worldwide perspective, in order to think and act on a worldwide level.
  4. Ask the “Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to his harvest” (Mt. 9:37-38).
  5. Celebrate the Missionary feasts: Lent of prayer and solidarity; missionary October with WMS; St Francis Xavier, Priests’ and Brothers’ Mission Day; St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Sisters’ Mission Day; World Day of the Sick, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The address of PMS website is http://www.pmstec.or.tz/